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WMBRBQ 2018 happened last Sunday! This is our annual spring BBQ/picnic and is an afternoon filled with music, ~*~friendship~*~ and mountains of food.

Here are some photos from the day, taken by Karina (host of Mare Nubium)!


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This week’s featured show is Back to Normal: an audio adventure starring a hivemind boy band, a monocle-clad psychic, some sentient lightning, and the world’s greatest mini-golf baron! Back to Normal is hosted by Loren (Storyteller), Daniel (Clyde Puttersley), Sarah (Havoc! at the [full name pending]), Andrea (Madame Three-Eyes Four-Sight) and Zach (Lord Lightning).

Back to Normal is a radio show in which five nerds play a tabletop RPG about mad science and the problems and solutions it causes. The game involves a lot of rule-checking and dice-rolling, but we cut most of that out and leave you with the story of the intertwined lives of four eccentric characters in Normal, IL as the mundane midwestern town becomes a hotspot of mad science.

You can tune in to Back to Normal every Wednesday at 6pm (up until our Spring 2018 season ends)! You can also listen to the Back to Normal Archives on their website to catch up on the story (and here’s a helpful glossary of RPG-specific terms used in Back to Normal).


Art by Loren, storyteller and music/art producer for Back to Normal!

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The Ampersand Concert Series returns from hiatus on Saturday, May 12th!

Presenting Boppin’ Mod Jazz by

Earprint &
Adam O’Farrill

Saturday 5/12 // 7:30 Doors, 8PM Music (ends by 10pm)
$3 w/MIT ID // $5 General Admission
MIT ACT Cube // E15-001 (directions)
Presale tickets available // RSVP on Facebook

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For this week’s featured show interview, we spoke to Max: the eloquent, enigmatic, ethereal host of Late Night Jazz. Max also happens to be the head curator for our upcoming Ampersand concert in May and a co-host of Late Night Space Jazz with Crood Boi and Lorinda.

You can hear Late Night Jazz / Late Night Space Jazz on Thursday nights at 11pm!


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