Featured Show: Galen (Bike Talk)

Our current featured show is Bike Talk, hosted by a cast of bikers including Galen Mook! We spoke to Galen for a featured show interview. Bike Talk airs every other Wednesday at 7pm and you can hear their next show on March 28th.

bike talk lo

* How did you get involved in WMBR?

GALEN: I got involved with WMBR a few years ago as a community member, to help cover some subs for shows during the winter break and to help out with the Late Risers Club every so often, but I loved it so much that I decided to pitch my own talk show about my passion of bicycle advocacy.

* What draws you to the local bike community?

G: I am drawn to the people of the bike community, and the diversity and variety of riders who LOVE riding their bikes. We can find passionate bikers at just about any age, any race, any background, anywhere, and ask them “What is your #BikeJoy?” I also appreciate how members of the bike community support each other, not just on the road, but in friendships and love formed while riding, and those connections last a lifetime.

* What’s the most unexpected interaction that’s come out of Bike Talk?

G: My most unexpected interaction is to have folks from across the country writing to us or calling in to share their #BikeJoy, and to have callers who are driving around Boston listening to Bike Talk on their car radios call in to share their experiences driving cars around bikers.

* Favourite music to bike to?

G: David Bowie and Prince, and we did a big group ride following their deaths two years ago where a couple hundred riders hit the streets of Boston, blasting Bowie and Prince on our music trailers throughout the streets. It was a communal event both tinged with sadness and dancing.

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