Featured Show: Chloe & Jacob (Let them eat Chlake!)

Our current featured show is Let them eat Chlake!, hosted by Chloe and Jacob! This is Chloe’s first season at WMBR. Jacob has hosted several shows in past seasons, including GesamtkunsTwerk and Mystery Flavor.

Let them eat Chlake! airs every other Wednesday at 10pm on WMBR.


* How would you describe your show to a new listener?

CHLOE: First for the dry, dictionary-entry-type-description: Let them eat Chlake! is a mix of spoken word performances, poems/stories read by Chlake (Chloe + Jake), and music (anything that tickles our fancy, from indie to R&B to folk to pop to rap–our musical dominion is vast and diverse). The show is an hour of Jacob and I having fun, dancing in our seats to the music when we’re not on the air, and unraveling an exploration of anything from lists to the end of the world. It’s a good time and one of my favorite hours of the week.

JACOB: I really could not have said it any better! Every week we’ve been able to do something memorable (at least to me) while we have fun on the air.

* How do you collaborate when choosing songs and poems for your show?

C: The process begins with an agreed upon theme, and then we share a Spotify playlist and song dump. One of us will suggest some poem or story or list of lists or Jaden-Smith-reads-mindblowing-facts video or some other radio-shareable content, and it’s a very flexible, spontaneous process. When we have enough content collected, we meet up in person before the show to talk through our choices and decide on structure. Our music picks can be somewhat divergent at times, so we occasionally joke that listeners could pick out a “Jacob” song vs. a “Chloe” song. We enjoy all the content for each show, though, and in the end it’s nice to have some variety in style that maintains a themed undercurrent.

J: The way we choose music for the same theme really shows how broad that kind of undercurrent Chloe mentioned can be too! It’s wild to see what kind of connections can be made, and we’re really into exploring that on the show. Oftentimes we take it to another level when we do (quite) dramatic readings of short stories or invite interesting guests to go on air with us!

* Favourite musical discoveries through another station member?

C: It may be cheating if I cite my co-DJ here, but I’ve been listening to a lot more Perfume Genius lately. Thanks, Jacob!

J: Oh man, I think I’d have to say I owe my knowing a super awesome, French avant-garde Gothic band CRANES to Laura from Bats in the Belfry!

* What albums are mandatory listening for someone to get to know each of you?

C: Allen Stone’s Radius, Shakey Graves’ And the War Came, Walk the Moon’s Walk the Moon, Cosmo Sheldrake’s Pelicans We. (I had a small crisis in the middle of writing my answer because I’d just been picking my favorite albums, but it suddenly occurred to me that this question potentially prods you for an answer that requires more introspection. Like, should I be choosing albums that I think accurately represent me as a human being instead? And how do I even want to represent myself to other people? And maybe who I am and how I want others to know me are two different things, and also who am I even? I chose to ignore all that and write this lengthy rant instead.)

J: Wow dang, yeah I totally feel that, Chloe! That crisis is part of the reason why answering these kinds of questions is so difficult! I spent some time just now putting together an album list about how I’d want to represent myself to others in a different way, but maybe we can share that on Air! In the meantime, I think I’d have to name as my mandatory albums Alabama Shakes’ Sound and Color, Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rap, Born Ruffian’s Red, Yellow, and Blue, and Bob Marley’s Legend.

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