Featured Show: Yanisa & Taylor ({Empty Set})

This week’s featured show is {Empty Set}, hosted by Yanisa and Taylor! You can hear {Empty Set} every Monday at 11pm on WMBR.


* How did you decide to have a show on WMBR?

TAYLOR & YANISA: All of our friends had shows, and it’s an opportunity you don’t get very often and we had each been considering it for a while, so we decided to do one together!

* What’s the best part about going on the air?

T&Y: It’s public in a very intimate way. We know that there probably aren’t that many people listening, but we still get to share our music with the world!

* How do you come up with a playlist each week?

T&Y: Taylor makes half, and Yanisa makes the other half.

* What are your current favorite summer tracks?

T&Y: Sober by Lorde, Bad at Love by Halsey, Room by Palehound, Savages by That Handsome Devil.

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