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We’re thrilled to be moving into our Summer 2017 Programming Season, welcoming in a bunch of new and returning shows along with the sunny weather!

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You can see our schedule (with more info about alternating shows) at this link, and our soon-to-be-published full program guide at this link.

Some fun facts about this season on WMBR…

  • We have 15 new shows joining our schedule!
  • We also have several other shows returning after a hiatus of one or more seasons – welcome back, Vegan Soulfood and Entrepeneurs of the World, Unite!
  • We were able to schedule every internal show proposal that we received this season – an exciting time for the programming board.

As always, you can listen along at wmbr.org or 88.1FM.

As we near the end of WMBR’s Spring Season and the end of MIT’s school year, we’re featuring two of our graduating members: Manuel “Quentin” Castro and Victor Gutierrez! Manuel and Victor have been the hosts of QV Noise over the past few years and are graduating on June 9th – all of us at WMBR will miss you!

You can see past playlists of QV Noise and listen to some archived shows at this link.


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This week’s feature is more of a retrospective: the 300th (and final!) show of Slow and Unsteady aired on Wednesday, May 3rd! This is an interview with host Tim Gilman, looking back on 300 of the slowest and unsteadiest playlists ever aired on WMBR and looking forward to our Summer season.

You can listen to Tim from 7-8pm on Wednesday May 17th for a Not Slow and Unsteady special, and as an alternating Breakfast of Champions host continuing into next season.


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In this week’s featured show interview, we spoke to Lucy Gabriel, one of the hosts of Breakfast of Champions! Lucy is graduating in a few weeks, but you can hear her on the air next Monday from 8-10am on BOC.

Lucy Gabriel WMBR Blog

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