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Our current featured show is Let them eat Chlake!, hosted by Chloe and Jacob! This is Chloe’s first season at WMBR. Jacob has hosted several shows in past seasons, including GesamtkunsTwerk and Mystery Flavor.

Let them eat Chlake! airs every other Wednesday at 10pm on WMBR.


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This week’s featured show is {Empty Set}, hosted by Yanisa and Taylor! You can hear {Empty Set} every Monday at 11pm on WMBR.


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For this week’s feature, we spoke to Natalia and Craig, current hosts of Voice Box and the team behind Charles River Variety in previous seasons. Voice Box is an exploration of the human voice, and often features live artists or recordings of live performances!

You can hear Voice Box every Friday at 9pm on WMBR.

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This week’s featured show is Sound Principles, hosted by Fred Allen! Since discovering WMBR in 1990, Fred has been involved in the station, with participation ranging from being an avid listener, to hosting his own show, to saving with station with subs at all hours.

You can catch Fred on the air every Wednesday at 6pm (or just listen along anytime – he’ll probably be subbing for someone sometime soon!).


Photo by Eurah Ko.

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