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As WMBR’s fundraising week ploughs ahead, we took a minute to talk to our Music Directors, Chris & Patrick, for a featured “show” interview! Music acquisition is one of the things that your pledge helps us do, alongside all of the technical improvements and maintenance to keep our station running. We’re an all-volunteer station, including our management members.

You can pledge your support on our website or by calling 617-253-8810!

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It’s almost the weekend! We know that’s exciting, but what will you do without the aural astonishment of Breakfast of Champions there to wake you up on weekend mornings? We have a solution for your weekend woes (aside from WMBR’s excellent weekend programming, of course).

Welcome to the very first Breakfast Buffet of Champions, where your loyal BOC hosts will let you know about music that they’ve especially enjoyed recently! Feel free to give any of these songs/albums a listen and let us know what you think.

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Our current featured show is CoLab Radio on Air, hosted by Lawrence! CoLab Radio on Air explores who shapes cities and how they do so. The show airs every other Wednesday at 8pm, including tonight 8/29! Tune in at wmbr.org or 88.1FM to listen.


Lawrence Barriner II (host), Kenneth Bailey (show guest for Episode 6)!

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Our featured show interviews return with Sarah & Hayley, hosts of Soundtracks of Bilitis! The show explores LGBTQ films and the music accompanying these films.

Soundtracks of Bilitis airs every other Monday at 6pm, including tonight (8/13). Tune in to hear them at wmbr.org / 88.1FM!


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